Walk On By smooth jazz backing track



Walk on By /Diana Krall


The changes for Walk On By as performed by Diana Krall version 90 BPM / Duration 5:25. Arrangement similar to record version. Record key. The original track is available to listen to and purchase at itunes or Amazon. Be the first to create and share with us a Youtube video of yourself on this track!

1 review for Walk On By smooth jazz backing track

  1. Paul Rumbol

    Good Bossa Nova version, although I’m no Diana Krall fan this is quite similar to her rendition although without her singing it’s just fine.

    90bpm? Only if your thinking in double time this track is very slow.

    One thing I found when performing this is the lack of percussion or groove made it a little difficult to keep in time with when your monitoring is not perfect.

    Lovely ending.

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