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Below you can find the answers to questions about the checkout process, making a payment, downloading the tracks, errors you might encounter and much more.

Do you include charts/sheet music?

Sorry due to publishing and legalities we don’t supply charts or sheet music. I highly recommend supporting the artists and purchasing their music.The Pat Metheny Book is an incredible resource as well as all the Chuck Sher’s Books.

How do I get the downloads, I just paid for the tracks, where are they?

Real simple, just click on the HOW TO BUY and follow the simple instructions.You will soon receive an email with instructions and a download link…Important! Please check your SPAM filter/folder as well for a new email address showing up in your system. Sometimes the mail will get hung up there and cause a delay. If you are experiencing an issue, please send  an email to bobby@bobbysbackingtracks.com. I will do my best to get you your tracks ASAP! Please let me know how I can assist you!

I prefer to not use Pay Pal, can I use my credit card with Bobby’s Backing Tracks?

Yes! If you choose PayPal for method of Payment and continue the order, at the end a PayPal screen will open. There you can choose to only give in your CC information and continue with the payment just as you are used to  – without logging into or using the PayPal account.

Your site has problems connecting to PayPal. I can not complete the purchase. The PayPal representative indicates the problem is within your site. Your website has a process flow issue with PayPal.

1.Take a breath. 2. Log out. 3. Refresh your browser. 4. Re Log-in. This should fix things just fine. Enjoy!

I can see the value in using these tracks to practice with but do you really enjoy playing gigs with backing tracks?

In a perfect world I would rather play with real talented musicians hands down any day. Unfortunately we live in a world based on business and budgets so a lot of the gigs out there are very scaled down these days. Club owners, Hotels/Resort F&B managers want a good sounding musical option that is affordable but also sounds professional and high quality. All these factors have brought me to this point of creating these tracks for you.

I’m a vocalist and I love your tracks but can u make a track in a different key for me?

No problem, plus a lot more, please check out the CUSTOM section and let us  know  your  needs.