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Backing Tracks from the legends

Bobbys catalog is vast. You will find many great backing tracks here of artists that you love and admire. Artists like Jeff Beck, Santana, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather, Neal Schon, Gary Moore and other greats have played on tunes that we all love and appreciate. Now very well recorded renditions that are harmonically accurate that also have an amazing feel are available for you. Easy to download, its’ time to have fun and play over some of these and add to your own personal backing track collection.

Less is always more

This really is my core moto and belief when producing anything. A confident strong rhythm section is really what I always go after when starting and eventually mastering a track. Fran Merante is my go to drummer that I have been using for the last 13 years of production. I also work with him on original projects as well. He really loves the pocket and that to me is my #1 criteria for a track to sound presentable. Here are some demos and examples of the quality we go for here.

Other ingredients that make a track stand out

Comping is an art. A lot of other backing tracks I hear have too much going on. That’s why my lovely small team of guys that you see and hear playing on these productions are skilled in such subtle ways. The delicate art of knowing how to play and where to lay out allows a track to have an organic quality and breath correctly. This is the goal here, create a palate of groove and taste to make your journey of playing melody and soloing an easy ride.

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Blues is the gateway to jazz.

Simpler harmonic tunes are really the gateway to increasing your vocabulary for learning what works on certain changes and what does not work or sound so pleasing. A number of tunes in the BBT catalog will get your ears familiar with cool changes and chord substitutions to allow you to experiment with soloing ideas that will increase your tonal options and colors. Its really all about growing isn’t it?


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