Minuano (Six/Eight) Jazz backing track



Minuano (Six Eight) /Pat Metheny



The changes for Minuano as performed by Pat Metheny Group 107 6/8 BPM / Duration 9:38. Arrangement similar to record version. Record key. The original track is available to listen to and purchase at itunes or Amazon.

Carlos from Spain

2 reviews for Minuano (Six/Eight) Jazz backing track

  1. John Murphy

    Thank=x Mucho for the great tracks!!! Thank you for going the extra mile !!!
    Mucho Aloha,

  2. MARTIN cartwright

    This is great! Quite simply one of the best and most accurate Pat Metheny backing tracks I’ve come accross. It has all of the nuances of the real track, even the strange pop just before the main melody starts!. I’ve often wondered if Pat would ever get round to doing a set of play a longs of his stuff, especially after releasing his extensive songbook. Finding Bobby’s Backing Tracks has meant the wait is over! I shall be coming back for more…..hopefully future updates will include tunes like ‘Have You Heard’, ‘Bright Size Life’, ‘So May it Secretly Begin’ or any of the hundreds of great Metheny tunes there are to chose from!

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