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In Jazz Standards backing track heaven, you will find a great selection of classic, well recorded popular jazz standards. Featuring piano, upright jazz bass, and drums, Bobbys tracks have a feel like no other. Most popular jazz standards that get called on any gig is a good place to start and are also a good building block to develop you repertoire for being a skilled player. Bobby backing tracks catalog is always expanding and new jazz tunes are added regularly. Here are some demos and examples of the quality we go for here.

Bobby’s Jazz Standard Backing Tracks, The Right Choice Of Musicians

The choice and skill of various musicians are the number one key ingredient in producing a track that sounds superb. That has been my aim in achieving the end product of a track that swings and grooves perfectly. The end goal is to produce a track that you the player can drop into in a relaxed way and groove with.

Rhythm Is Number One

It’s always about the feel. Like Duke Ellington once said “ It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” is so true. Thats why I am very particular in choosing the professionals I work with and create music with. My best bud and superb drummer Fran Merante has been with me for over 12 years. His groove and feel is like no other and I am very blessed to have him appear on a multitude of tracks in my catalog. And guess what? You get to play with him too!

Choice Of Note and Color

My two favorite tasty keyboard pros that I love to use and work with are Kit Walker and Philip Clarke. They also happen to be long time friends as well and I have respected their work and careers as professionals over the 30 years. You will know what I mean here with my words after you drop in and explore the BBT catalog here.

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Our Jazz Standards Backing Tracks are arranged in a straight up way. Piano, upright and drums, trio style. High quality always a priority for Bobby, they sound fantastic. Ballads, medium to medium up tempo tempos should fit well into any players repertoire. Easy to download after you check out. Load them into any computer, iPad or iPhone, set up your BBT playlists and enjoy.

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