Because you value the production here at BBT, this custom page is for those that are interested in co-producing a track that you have in mind or can’t seem to find elsewhere. Custom tracks start at 300 USD. They of course feature real players that have been on many of the BBT tracks you will find here in our catalog. After sharing with Bobby an example of the tune and arrangement you would like to have recorded, we can get to work and make it real for you. You will get a mix and mastered mp3/wav file and also all the stems of the performances so you can mix it yourself in a DAW. This production service is also available to singers and songwriters that would like to work with Bobbys production team and achieve a well produced track or album. Please note that after the song is produced it will go into the BBT catalog. I make very little profit or any on these custom tracks since I have to take care of my guys. Thanks for understanding.

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