You are scanning everywhere on the internet but you can’t quite find the backing track or a version that has a high quality sound and pro feel. Your worries are now over because Bobby’s Backing Tracks can make your own audio dream and vision come true. With a professional staff of highly acclaimed pro players and musicians we now can create for you any backing track you desire. Whether its Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Blues, Rock, Fusion or modern pop, Bobby’s Backing Tracks is a one stop shop to get the custom backing track you have in mind produced the way you hear it. Bobby will work with you to help you achieve the sound and feel you have in mind and ears.


Popular Artists backing tracks and quality like no other

A wide variety and huge palate of artists in the styles of David Sanborn, Jeff Beck, Santana, Peter White, Sting, Beyonce, Prince and many others are examples of the different genres featured here at Bobby Backing Tracks. Bobby’s team can pretty much achieve the feel, vibe and sonic quality of any track you would like to have in your own personal collection for your practicing and gigging enjoyment. All our tracks have proper endings and are created with real instrumentation and players. No midi performances here. Check out our demos and hear why Bobby’s productions are top shelf.


How to order a custom backing track made just for you

Emailing Bobby of course is the first step. Sharing with us the title/artist and even better a Youtube link of a particular version of the song your are going for is even better. Sometimes you might need a song produced in a different key than the original. That of course is no problem for us. You might also need the track to be a faster or slower BPM (beat per minute) than the original. This preliminary information is crucial to determine an accurate estimate to give you for the new custom backing track you are looking for. Did you know that when you order a custom track from Bobby you also can get the multi-track stems? Ask for a quote to any title you have in mind here.


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Bobby’s production team will make your own production dream come true.

Many players and musicians that shop at Bobby’s are also composers and artists that produce their own original work and material. Over Bobby’s 13 years of servicing the world with quality tracks, many of you have enjoyed working with us on your own personal projects. Please contact us to make your own production vision come true.
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