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The BBT catalog is vast. I have produced over 700 tracks in the last 13 years with the help of my select team of awesome musicians. A healthy chunk of these tunes are in the genre of old school and modern R&B, Motown, and funk. Artists such as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson and of course Prince and many are all featured here with accurate renditions of their classic tunes. Many older classics are easy to find as well.

Searching for the holy grail Backing Track

You are here because BBT has a solid reputation for arranging and producing professional, high quality renditions of tunes you love. There are 2 different search zones on the site that are helpful in locating a tune you might be searching for. In the event you can’t find a tune that you are looking for, you always can contact me about cutting a track /title for you. We specialize in this service and continue to assist and help out customers that desire accurate rendition while maintaining stellar sound quality.

We live in a Backing Track crossover world

Even though the BBT catalog has faithfully reproduced accurate rendition backing tracks of the originals, Bobby also does his own arranging spin on many popular tracks. This factor alone is why many customers and clients of Bobby return and appreciate his fresh approach to arranging and keeping things funky and grooving.

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Smooth Jazz meets Motown/ The art of selecting a tune

Many smooth jazz artists lean towards the classic funky R&B tunes that we all grew up with that impacted our ears and whole listening experience. Why? Because those tunes were written and arranged so well, they had a magic about them as time has testified. Do check out the large number of smooth jazz artists renditions here on the BBT site. I think you will find and enjoy these exciting arrangements that groove hard but have a different twist.

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