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Latin jazz is a genre of jazz with Latin American rhythms. The two main categories are Afro-Cuban jazz, rhythmically based on Cuban popular dance music, with a rhythm section employing ostinato patterns or a clave, and Afro-Brazilian jazz, which includes samba and bossa nova. Bossa nova is a style of samba developed in the late 1950s and early 1960s in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is mainly characterized by “different beat” that altered the harmonies with the introduction of unconventional chords and an innovative syncopation of traditional samba from a single rhythmic division.

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Bobby’s backing tracks multi faceted catalog is rich with an abundant selection of Latin and Bossa Nova titles. Composers such as Tom Jobim, Milton Naciemento, Carlos Santana, Toninho Horta, Luis Bonfa and many others give the listeners like you a wide range of spirited performances to choose from and add to your current backing track collection.
REAL rhythm sections, real humans playing and laying it down to some classic titles. Real endings too that have conviction and sound professional.

Real Upright Bass, Piano and a Real Horn Section at Bobby’s

The more you drop in and listen and use your own refined ears, you will definitely hear and feel the difference. Headphones are highly recommend to hear the clarity and production level we achieve here. You can also visit our Youtube Channel and watch some performances of how the tracks were recorded. There are many playlists there and you can dial into the genre and different artists there you would like to hear.

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Smooth Jazz Latin

As well as conventional latin and bossa titles, Bobby’s has a huge crossover selection of modern tunes with a Smooth Jazz Latin vibe. Artists like Joyce Cooling, Norman Brown, Rick Braun, Peter White and other artists have many backing track titles here with a Smooth Jazz Latin feel.

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