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If I Could /Pat Metheny


The changes for “If I Could” as performed by The Pat Metheny Group 84 BPM / Duration 6:51. Arrangement similar to record version. Record key. The original track is available to listen to and purchase at itunes or Amazon.

Thank you Carlos!

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    I am a veteran Italian Jazz guitarist, who used to practice in the past several musical bases, from the little credibility to those in the MIDI format Aebersold Jazz, but when I accidentally came across the site “bobbysbackingtracks.com” are left stunned by the warmth and realism contained in all the tracks that have been able to build the many talented musicians.
    The catalog of tracks Play-a-long is vast and genre, but each song is arranged perfectly, I think that will satisfy all needs me as a jazz musician, well I bought 78 tracks of jazz and I’m so excited about being able to find so many beloved songs has always been one for all “If I Could” by Pat Metheny, who in his high quality arrangement is able to elicit the same emotional transport when you listen to the original song.
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    Robert Passaro
    Francavilla Fontana (Brindisi)

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