Pocket Central Drum Bundle



Pocket Central Drum Bundle including 24  titles


24 grooves that Porcaro, Colaiuta, Gadd, Purdie, Wertico and Weckl  made  famous.

“Pocket Central”is a specially priced collection of minus one drum grooves that now  become  available for the  first time at BBT.Prepared for the practicing drummer, they contain 2 audio files per title.One  with a click and one without. The later is good for playing back your performance after you  have layed  your  take down with your DAW and want to play it  back without the click. Some of these selections feature soloists (Jack Thammarat and Norman King!) Check out these  titles featuring funk, latin, swing, shuffles and  odd time feels. Rosanna (Toto/Porcaro),Never Alone 6/8 (Beck/Colaiuta), Seven Days 5/4 (Sting/Colaiuta), All Blues (Funk and  waltz versions) (Miles Davis/Williams), Home at Last (Steely Dan/Purdie),Better Days Ahead (Metheny/Wertico), Rio Samba (Larry Carlton/Porcaro), Spain (Chick Corea/Weckl),Pick up the  Pieces (Candy Dufler),I Wish ( S. Wonder) Bohdisatva (Steely Dan/ Porcaro), Summertime (Funk)(Miles Davis),Phase Dance (Metheny/Gotlieb),Georgie Porgy(Toto/Porcaro),Diamond Dust 5/4 (Beck/Walden),Sleepwalk 12/8 (Larry Carlton/Porcaro), Another Star ( S.Wonder), Aint No Sunshine (Sting /Colauita), Isn’t She Lovey (S.Wonder) Pamela ( Toto/Porcaro) Aja (Steely Dan/Gadd),Georgia (Ray Charles) Yesterday (McCartney/Jazz/Swing).

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