Love Is Not Enough David Sanborn jazz backing track



Love Is Not Enough David Sanborn (Multi mix)


The changes for “Love Is Not Enough” ( Multi mix version) as performed by David Sanborn 127 BPM / Duration 6:50. Record key. Arrangement similar to studio record version. Arrangement taken from the 1978 David Sanborn “ Heart To Heart” release.  Also inspiring to listen to is the Casino Lights live version. Fran Merante on drums, Bob Mocarsky on keys and yours truly on bass and guitar. I have held  true to the tempo that has been established in the original recording. This track really ramps in tempo starting at 127 BPM and finishes at 148 BPM. I tempo mapped the BBT exactly to achieve the same excitement and feel of the original recording.This package has 6 different mixes. Full mix, no bass, no keys, no drums ect. for your musical flexibility. The original track is available to listen to and purchase at iTunes or Amazon. Be the first to create and share with us a Youtube video of your self on this track!


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