Yesterday backing track



Yesterday /The Beatles



The changes for Yesterday as performed by The Beatles 76 BPM / Duration 5:12. Arrangement NOT similar to record version. A jazzy acoustic piano meets chill with rhodes coloring and electric bass. Record Key. The original track is available to listen to and purchase at itunes or Amazon.

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  1. Paul Rumbol

    I really like this track, totally different to any version I’ve heard & great fun to play along to.

    It’s in the original key of F but with some more interesting jazzy changes.

    Good proper ending too.

    One tiny criticism would be the percussion effect Nut Shell Shaker is just a tad loud in the mix & that is something that I find on several of Bobbys tracks. It’s a nice effect but take down a little.
    A very minor gripe on what is a great track.

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