This Guys in Love backing track ( 3 mixes)



This Guys in Love /Burt Bacharach


The changes for “This Guys in Love” as performed by Burt Bacharach 82 BPM / Duration 4:03. Arrangement similar to soundtrack version with an added down tempo chill beat/ vibe. (Eb). 3 Mixes in this purchase!  The original track is available to listen to and purchase at itunes or Amazon.Be the first to create and share with us a Youtube video of your self on this track!

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  1. Paul Rumbol

    Similar arrangement to the original Burt Bacharach version but the feel is very different here.
    A more modern chill vibe with another of Bobbys skippy swing beats.
    As you’d expect if you know Bobbys tracks the playing is exceptional, tasty & perfectly in time throughout yet will never dominate what you do on top.
    This is of course exactly how a backing track should be.

    What a timeless classic of a song this is & very challenging to solo over in my opnion.

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