The Electric Church Blues-Rock Bundle



The Electric Church Blues-Rock Bundle including 32 killin mixes



The Electric Church ( $.94 / track! ) Blues Rock bundle includes 32 tracks featuring the  titles, I Cry for You (Timmons), Little Wing (Hendrix),Europa (Santana 2 mixes), Aint No Sunshine (Whithers), Never Alone (Beck), Epilouge for Lisa (Lane),Samba Pa Ti (Santana 2 mixes), Revelation (Ford), Send me an Angel (Schon), Song for Jeff (Lukather), Cause Weve Ended as Lovers (Beck), Cissy Strut (The Meters), All Blues (Miles Davis funk), Kid Charlamagne(Steely Dan) (Loops incl), Up from the  Skies (Hendrix), Caruso (Schon), Song of the Wind (Santana), Freddie the Freeloader (Miles Davis), Big Moon (Schon) Livin for the City (Wonder), Blues MD (Jing Chi), Summertime (Funk) (3 mixes), Don’t  Say its Over (Lukather),Rosanna (Toto),The Pump (Beck), Sleepwalk (Carlton), Bohdisatva (Steely Dan)


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