Europa backing track (Guitar key)



Europa/Santana (Guitar key)



The changes for Europa as performed by Santana 81 BPM / Duration 3:30. Record key.(Opening chord is Bb11) Arrangement not similar to record version.This is a “Chill Version“.The original track is available to listen to and purchase at itunes or Amazon.

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  1. Paul Rumbol

    A very nice cool working of Carlos’s classic guitar instrumental.
    This version has a slight skippy swing to the beat which also contrasts to the original which is very straight.
    But despite this & the fact that this version is a little quicker in tempo the original melody plays very well on top of it.
    Soloing you’ll probably go in a different direction than Carlos with this version but that’s no bad thing.
    Bobby’s added other mixes with a vamp at the end for extended soloing, a loop version & a different key.

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